About Us

About Us

Growing up as a teenager, my Dad and his best friend co-owned a boat.

They used to take me fishing quite often in the Delaware Bay.  That’s when I caught the saltwater fishing bug.  Fast-forward 25 years, my wife and I bought a boat for fishing.  I quickly discovered there was really no fishing tackle storage on the boat.

I discovered this common on most boats.  I did my research and found the most common tackle storage systems are flimsy and didn’t hold much tackle.

Yes, there are semi custom and custom tackle systems on the market that run into the thousands of dollars.  We just couldn’t afford these types tackle boxes.

So, I went to my basement and built the first version of what would become, The Meyers Pro Tackle System.  Soon after I started using it, folks at the boat launch would see it and start asking me questions and commenting.

I would get comments like, “that’s a really great idea” and “you should sell them”.

So, after much thought, I decided to apply for a patent.  A few years later I was awarded a utility patent.

The next step was to manufacture the product.  After several years of working with various manufactures, we are finally ready to introduce The Meyers Pro Tackle System.


At Meyers Pro Tackle System, we strive to improve your fishing experience. 

The Meyers Pro Tackle System offers an incredible value with superior convenience, strength and durability.

The unique design keeps your tackle securely in place and allows for easy access. 

This system is not only a tackle storage system, it is also a seat, bait cutting and fish cleaning station and knife and tool holder.